Hoses are expensive spare parts

The installation should be the best possible!

Often I see posts with pictures where the hose clamp is installed incorrectly. This can be very costly to the end-user. Just think of not only the hose and lubricant but also the loss of production and the additional cost of maintenance.

In this picture, we see an insert from the official manual where the location of the hose clamp must be installed. However, it does not have an explanation why this is needed.

The hose clamp needs to be placed against the support bracket as indicated. This is needed because the rubber from the hose is being pushed under the clamp away and gives extra pressure to the O-Ring that must seal the pump from leaking lubricant.

Now in the field, we do have lots of experience and we also are lucky to have some really smart plant engineers that protect the pump from being pulled in and the lubricant from leaking out.

Solution: It is a very low cost to place a few extra hose clamps as you can see in this picture that I got from Ronny Karlsson from New Boliden Garpenberg https://lnkd.in/dzv5JKTN

Please note: Hose clamps need to be tightened on a regular basis. The rubber will flow in time, and the torque will change!

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