Pipeflow Expert Pump Installation Engineer




Training Course “Pipeflow Expert Pump Installation Engineer”

When your centrifugal pump is too big….

How to adjust Flowrate and Total Head?


With Pipeflow Expert you will be able to understand and design your system like a Pump Installation Expert.

Now the new version of Pipeflow Expert is available for download (download here), where you can try all the features. And the best new feature is installing Orifices like an Expert!

With the free version, there is only one catch! You cannot safe your projects!


If you like to learn more, and like to become a “Pro” then a 2 day (4 sessions) training course “Pipeflow Expert Pump Installation Engineer” will be the right choice for you.


What you will learn;

  • Basics for system design
  • Pump Fundamentals
  • Pump Failure Analysis
  • Pipeflow Expert Utilization – what you will learn…
      1. … to work effortlessly with the Pipe Flow Expert software
      2. … how to load your own selected pump curves
      3. … how to design pump installations in a variety of configurations
      4. … how to calculate and optimize the energy consumption of an installation
      5. … the effect of the utilization of a frequency inverter
      6. … the need of trimming (adjusting) an impeller
      7. … why an orifice will be of great importance
      8. … what hydraulic balance means and how to calculate it
      9. … how to prevent cavitation at the design stage