Not reaching the capacity

Here a non-industrial hose pump not reaching the capacity with a simple hose. What could be done better to reach the full capacity and get excellent hose life?

If you like to get hosepump training on why your pumps are not reaching the capacity, or just to find out more how we can help. Please contact us here.

RCME consultants create pump solutions and can give advice to professionals selling or working with pumps. 

We are a small but efficient team of professionals offering a wide range of training courses in the field of pump technology. Our Engineers are able to provide pump solutions for known and unknown pump-related problems. In addition as a service, we also offer high-quality peristaltic pump hoses, hose lubricant, and pulsation dampeners.
One of our partners is I-care. I-care is a Belgian-based IoT company. Together we provide diagnostical equipment which can help improve your operational cost and profits. Our focus is on peristaltic pump technology, where we are able to predict the hose failure so you get the most usage at the lowest maintenance cost.
Having the equipment monitored on the cloud with the technology from I-care and our experience allows for scheduled maintenance. The maintenance can be done during normal working hours and there is an additional benefit, which is the pump lubricant/cooling liquid can be reused up to 3 times.
With our special peristaltic pump analysis software, we are able to analyze your peristaltic pump application. With this software, we can pinpoint if there is a problem with the installation. We can also are able to identify the best possible hose material with our rubber test kit.
It is well known by the peristaltic pump and hose suppliers that inlet pulsation is one of the major causes of premature hose failure. For this RCME has designed the inlet pulsation dampener for the IPD. For more information on how the IPD works please contact us here.

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