Limitations of Peristaltic Hose Pumps?

Sometimes we are not so clear…

Hose pumps do have limitations. Let us look at a few of them!

Suction lift – 9.5-meter water – ONLY at very low RPM (hose will become very flat and results in short hoselife)

High Viscosity – ONLY at very low RPM (hose will
become very flat and vacuum assist will just kill the hose)

Dry Running – ONLY until the hose reaches 80 Deg C
(no product = less cooling)

Reversible Flow – ONLY at very low RPM (suction
becomes discharge and inlet pulsation will be very high)

Non-compressible Solids – ONLY when it flows 80% (by

Non-compressible Solids – Depending on the thickness of the inner layer and whether there are sharp particles – it is complicated

Careful selection and installation will make a peristaltic hose pump work at its best – just don’t think it’s easy – it is challenging!

If you like to learn more – feel free to contact me.

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