When Hose Pumps Fail…

When Hose Pumps Fail…

The downtime can be costly…. BUT !

There are definitely ways to reduce costs! Really, and I have developed the right method for this.

It is more than “Preventive Maintenance”. Yes, it is “Predictive Maintenance”.

With predictive maintenance, you can schedule the maintenance on a normal working day. As it goes, it happens when you don’t really want the pump to fail.

Bringing in the workforce outside their normal working hours always costs a lot more, I guess everyone knows that.

When your pump performance is analyzed online with our sensors and logic, you can get the warnings prior to failure. How much will this save you on a yearly basis?

Include the cost of:

– spareparts
– downtime
– maintenance time
– product loss
– waste generation
– safety

If you have “Hose Pumps” and you like to reduce cost, we need to talk.

Please contact me to make your appointment for a free consultation.

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