Maintenance 4.0 for Peristaltic Pumps

Maintenance 4.0 applies to technologies reducing costly repairs, but also reduce costly down time and let us not forget the environmental impact and risk to unsafe maintenance.

Instead of waiting for a pump to fail on a Friday night or when you are enjoying the weekend, condition monitoring sensors can measure hose life cycles by using predictive analytics.

Maintenance 4.0 will alert technicians to replace the hose before it fails. Why has this never been mentioned before?

It’s simple! Hose Sales are important!

Well, in most cases you can increase the hose life. But you need to know the cause of the failure, and you need to be able to adjust these.

Maintenance 4.0 will be able to assist you!

To apply maintenance 4.0 for peristaltic pumps you must understand all the natural effects of the system dynamics.
The aging process of the hoses, the degrading of the lubricant quality, and the performance of the bearings.

What we need to know, are the natural effects of the system dynamics. The pulsation for both the inlet and discharge side of the pump, the flow, pressure, and temperature variations, but also the effect of pump starting stresses, and hose ovalization.

All this data can be trended!

Trending data is easy, but having an expert being able to analyze and act when it’s needed is kind of complicated. Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) with todays computing speed is making it possible to use the complicated logic of an expert. “AI” will allow for fast response without human interaction to notify the maintenance for the upcoming failure.

Under certain circumstances preventive monitoring will not be possible. For example when you try to pump stuff that should not be pumped with the hose pump (beer bottles, screw drivers, knives and forks, etc. , or when you close discharge valves when the pump is running!

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