Frequency Inverter – 001

Frequency inverter usage! Slow down your pump!

Pipe Flow Expert

There are many ways to work with a pump, but don’t do this!

Don’t waste energy!

Let me find your pump’s duty point! Don’t destroy your pump by cavitation! Start saving money by optimization.

Just an example of a wrong centrifugal pump……

Required 28 m3/hr.

Starting with 2920 rpm – slowing down to 1720 rpm
Starting with 10.2 KW and it gets reduced to 3.3 KW

Assuming 0.18 cent/KW and utilization 365 day/year
10.2 KW cost 16083 Euro/Year
3.2.7 KW cost 4257 Euro/Year

Saving 11826 Euro each year!!!!!!!!!!! ONE (1) Pump

Watch this video carefully, and see the changes.

Note: the pump is TOO BIG – you already paid too much for the pump too! So the best is to do up-front engineering. Let me check your pump selection prior to purchase – this is the best way 🙂

When the pump is TOO SMALL, you most likely will not be able to fix it with the frequency inverter!

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