Peristaltic Hose

Peristaltic Pump Hoses

The special manufacturing technology for RCME hoses allows strict and careful control of the size tolerances. RCME offers a smooth version referred to as “grinded hose”. The tolerance on the hose wall thickness will is ±0.4 mm for an easy replacement. The hoses are suitable for all brands and makes of peristaltic pumps, pumps with pressing shoes, and pumps with rollers.

Quality and Trust

Available in NR, NBR, EPDM, and CSM

PeriTube™ by RCME are Peristaltic hoses that are manufactured by a top-performing hose manufacturing company in Italy. All rubber compounds used for the production of the PeriTube™ hoses are developed together with the RCME know-how and quality control that regularly checks the properties in order to ensure compliance with the standards set by RCME.

RCME has experience with manufacturers of peristaltic pumps and their rubber hoses for more than 25 years. Moreover, RCME is a top performer with the technical know-how for hose pumps to maximize the hose life and flow performance.

Metric UnitsU.S. Units
Inner Diameter (mm)Outer Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Inner Diameter (in)Outer Diameter (in)Length (in)
2554100812 1/839 2/3
326312551 1/42 1/249 2/5
406714901 4/72 2/358 2/3
5080182023 1/771 2/3
6510023352 5/9492
8012327753 1/74 5/6109 1/4
100145327245 2/3128 5/6
15022040505 1/28 1/2159 1/2

PeriTube™ – High-Quality Peristaltic Hose

RCME S.L. supplies peristaltic pump hoses that are compatible with all major hose pump manufacturers and offers custom-built hoses to accommodate your specific requirements.

• Sizes from 10mm to 150mm
• Smooth Precision Ground Cover
• High Tensile Cord Reinforcement
• Tube Compounds: Natural Rubber, EPDM, NBR, CSM
• For Abaque™, Albin™, Allweiler™, Blackmer™, Bredel™, Boyser™, Periflo™, Ponndorf™, Verder™, and all other Hose Pump Manufacturers
• Non-Standard or Custom Built Hoses Available

Manufacturers Reference25 mm32 mm40 mm50mm65 mm80 mm100 mm

Custom Tubes
Custom Tubes manufacturing allows control overall properties of the hose, the inner layer, the outer layer, and the supporting reinforcements. Because of this, RCME S.L. offers peristaltic pump hoses completely customized to accommodate specific requirements for your application ad/or hose pump. Tube inner layers are available in the following material choices: Natural Rubber, EPDM, NBR, or CSM. For a quick quote on your custom peristaltic pump hose needs, please submit a custom peristaltic pump hose RFI

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