Pump System Analysis


Hey there, future Pump Gurus! Ever heard of cavitation and wondered what it’s all about? It’s not as mysterious as it sounds, and it’s one of the most common hiccups you’ll encounter with centrifugal pumps. Let’s break it down into bite-sized chunks!

What Is Cavitation? Picture this: You’re pumping liquid, and suddenly the pressure at the pump’s inlet dips lower than the liquid’s vapor pressure. Bam! Vapor bubbles appear like uninvited party crashers. What happens next? These bubbles play musical chairs, moving to areas with higher pressure, and poof! They collapse. But here’s the twist: this isn’t as fun for your pump. It leads to localized shocks and wears away at your pump’s innards.

Pipe Flow Expert to the Rescue! Don’t fret! With Pipe Flow Expert, you’re like Sherlock with a magnifying glass, finding those crucial pump working points. You’ll be able to pinpoint if cavitation is wreaking havoc because of the pump size, or if the piping layout is the villain in this story.

Level Up with Proper Training Once you’ve got the right training under your belt, you’ll read your pump and piping layout like an open book. You’ll know exactly what’s causing cavitation and how to stop it before it turns into a pump horror story.

Why This Matters? Understanding and preventing cavitation is like giving your pump a longer, happier life. Plus, it saves you from unplanned downtime and potential mechanical Armageddon. So, it’s a win-win!

Ready to become a Pipe Flow Expert pro? Turn those question marks into exclamation points and make cavitation a thing of the past!


Pump System Analysis

Are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of pump systems, piping and next-level software? Then stop searching! I can’t wait to offer you training that will take your technical skills to a whole new level.

What Are We Going To Do?
Pump systems are the beating heart of many industries. This course will give you the tools to become the Leonardo da Vinci of pump selection and pipe calculation, all thanks to the magic of the “Pipe Flow Expert” software.

Module Highlights:

Start at the Beginning: Pump Systems and Their Basics
Together we dive into the deep end and take our first steps into the wonderful world of pumps. What are the goals and what will you learn?

How to Choose the Right Pump.
With me as your guide, I’ll guide you through “Pipe Flow Expert”. From entering data to simulating results, I’ll show you how.

Pump Performance and Tests
Decipher the magical world of performance curves and get hands-on experience around efficiency, power and NPSH.

Pipeline Design Like a Pro
Design the perfect pipeline, get started with dimensioning and defeat friction losses. With advanced software features, you’ll soon be able to do this like the best.

Pumps in Series and Parallel
Serial or parallel, what’s the difference? I’ll guide you through the simulations and give you insight into the effects on flow and pressure.

Optimize Your Pump
We’re going to get the pump to its “BEP.” Learn how to do this without squeezing your outlet valve, but with smart alternatives.

Energy-Efficient Pumps
Change speed and save energy? You can! Dive deeper into modern ways to pump efficiently.

Hands-on Exercises
Time to roll up your sleeves. We solve real problems with “Pipe Flow Expert” and stimulate your creativity in group projects.

Workshops and Simulations
We go deep: tackle complex issues and really understand what you’re doing in virtual pumping systems.

Certificate At the End
Show what you’ve learned and get a certificate you can be really proud of.

Practical: How and When?

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The course is a power-pack of 4 sessions of 4 hours each, complete with homework and a final test. Pass? Then you get a fancy certificate of completion.

So, are you ready to pop in your career?

This is more than a course; it’s a transformative experience that brings together theory and practice.

Don’t miss out, reserve your spot today!